Weekly, she inspires and coaches teens through One on one/group Interactive sessions, Book reading, Best share of experience and PowerPoint presentations.
At OLUWATOSIN, we offer both online and offline services on issues such as:

Choosing A Career

When teens chooses wisely, they excel.

The above statement is what we believe in. With our developed resources, we guide teens when choosing a career. We challenge them to discover and believe in themselves. We let them know that with God, hard work and persistence, the sky is just the starting point.

Teen Curriculum and Content Development

We believe that information that’s properly utilized is powerful.

We know that teens are unique and special, but can get bored easily. We design and build content that develops teens spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally.

We constantly improve on strategies that will keep our teens focused, informed and excited.

Our clientele base cuts across educational, religious and non governmental organizations.

Sex Education For Teens

We recognize that sexuality is a major issue for teens. We know it exists, therefore we inform teens about sex and its consequences.

We inform teens about the physical changes in their bodies and its effects. We emphasize on being chaste.

We encourage teens to take positive decisions concerning their sexuality.

Teen Anger Management

We know some teens get angry at everything and everyone. This can affect the outcome of their lives, academics, morals, etc. We help teens recognize the root cause of anger and overcome it.

Other Coaching Services

Overcoming Masturbation

Pursuit Of Excellent Grades

Self discovery and mastery

Overcoming distractions.