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A pharmacist and teen behavioral coach...


Oluwatosin Fatungase, is a pharmacist and teen behavioral coach. She motivates teenagers to discover themselves and improve their self-esteem. In 2014, she was awarded the First Youth Ambassador of Evans Therapeutics, a subsidiary of Evans Medical Plc (formerly CiplaEvans Nig. Ltd).

Oluwatosin coaches teenagers to become Excellent and Responsible Ambassadors of themselves and their families. She inspires boys to become Godly men and girls to become Virtuous ladies. Also, she encourages parents to communicate effectively with their teens.

Oluwatosin is a Lover of God and Teens.

She develops content and curriculum on teen behavioural changes and leadership. Daily, she writes about her experiences and work with teens to over five thousand people on her Facebook page and over six hundred people on The Exceptional Parents Group.


She started her journey of coaching teens as an undergraduate at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lagos. Her close friend, Ofure Odigwe (now Ofure Odibeli) wanted to give back to her Alma Mata, Queens College, Lagos. As a scholar, Ofure wanted to inspire the girls to study hard and become who God has created them to be.

She discussed her desire with Tosin, and Tosin liked the idea. Ofure sent a letter to Queens College. An opening came up by the protestant church of the school. Ofure was asked to make a presentation to them on a Sunday.

Ofure and Tosin occasioned and facilitated the presentation of a film to the students of Queens’ College protestant church, after which they had the opportunity to speak to the girls. Over fifty girls had their issues addressed.

Proper follow-up had to be done, so Ofure and Tosin decided to be attending and participating in the students’ weekly prayer meetings on Saturday and Sunday church services.

It was a beautiful time of sharing, praying, encouraging and mentoring teenagers.

After about a year, Tosin started visiting other schools to speak. Schools visited were Methodist Girls, Sabo, MindBuilders Alausa, Ronik Ejigbo, etc.

Since 2011, Oluwatosin Fatungase has spoken to over 8,000 students. She speaks regularly at events that aim at helping teens take responsibility for their lives, build up their self-esteem and become excellent ambassadors of themselves and their families.

She has spoken at:

Queens College Yaba
Ronik Comprehensive School Ejigbo
Mindbuilders College Alausa
Metropolitan Senior College Isolo
Access High School Calabar
Lourdes Academy
Hillcrest College Calabar.

Foursquare Teens Week, Surulere
Bible Christian Crusaders Mission Church Teens and Family Week, Calabar.
St Augustine Catholic Church, Abuja
City of Evidence Church, Calabar
ShepherdHill Baptist Church, Obanikoro.

Oluwatosin Fatungase


We noticed that one of the reasons for young people’s erratic behavior is the abuse of tramadol.

Tramadol is an opioid analgesic that is used for moderate to severe pain. It has an addictive effect. Therefore, it’s only to be taken based on prescription. The illicit use of tramadol is destroying the lives of young people. It makes them high and feel cool.

They can withstand any pain or fear. The street name for tramadol is called TM. We are advocating that young people should not take tramadol except if prescribed. We are spreading this message on social media. The next step is to take this message to schools, religious and regulatory bodies.

We say, #Tramadolisnotfood. Please join us in the #Fightagainsttramadolabuse.

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